Secretan Troyanov, the former Geneva based international law firm, provided the model for the international expansion on which the business model of ASBS Asian Swiss Business Services Pte Ltd ("ASBS") is based. A warm « Thank you » to all those who made ASBS possible.

Des Gouttes & Associés, the oldest Swiss law firm (founded in 1834), initially decided to open a branch in Singapore but it appeared to be more expedient to cooperate with ASBS Pte Ltd, founded in August 2012, for work not requiring licensing in Singapore (mediation - arbitration - affidavits and advice on Swiss law, including acting as protector of trusts).

In December 2012 ASBS Pte Ltd hired Eric Fiechter to provide services, which complement those of the local service providers, in Singapore and in Switzerland, excluding however financial intermediary services. In December 2023, after more than 10 years of activity, Eric Fiechter decided to retire. The company continues to exist but only as a holding company.

To celebrate this decade of activity between Switzerland and Singapore the company decided to offer to all Singaporeans two "Thank you" farewell concerts, by inviting the organist of the Geneva Cathedral to Singapore. Click here for more details.