Secretan Troyanov, the former Geneva based international law firm, provided the model for the international expansion on which the business model of ASBS Asian Swiss Business Services Pte Ltd ("ASBS") is based. A warm « Thank you » to all those who made ASBS possible.

Des Gouttes & Associés, the oldest Swiss law firm (founded in 1834), initially decided to open a branch in Singapore but the local authorities did not approve the opening of a foreign branch of a relatively small foreign law firm quickly enough to benefit from the identified market opportunities. To use nevertheless these unique opportunities to the limited extent permitted by the law, ASBS was founded in 2012 based on joint efforts from Singapore and from Switzerland.

In December 2012 the company hired Eric Fiechter to provide services which complement those of the local service providers in Singapore and in Geneva, avoiding however any activities qualifying as financial intermediary and also falling short of qualifying as a representative of a foreign law firm in Singapore.