Mediation Services

ASBS offers commercial mediation services. In practice, Eric Fiechter works as the appointed mediator, using his knowledge as arbitrator, lawyer and former judge and his background in the banking and commercial business to help former business partners to settle their dispute at a fraction of the cost and of the time required for judicial proceedings to find solutions more appropriate to the circumstances.

In the mediation proceedings, it is generally clear after two or three meetings at the most and at the cost of SGD 10'000.- maximum whether the matter is likely to settle on acceptable terms or not.

Provided the stakeholders get really involved and devote the necessary time and internal resources to ensure that the meeting is well prepared, a solution is often found even after only one or two intensive work sessions. The place and timing for the proceedings are either proposed by the mediator or agreed upon by the parties, but it can be anywhere on our planet provided it suits the parties.