From Asia to Europe

From Asia to Europe, ASBS works with the oldest Swiss law firm Desgouttes & Associés, founded already in 1834. This law firm is based in Geneva. Its partners are fluent in all three Swiss official languages, in addition to English. You will find more information about them on their website:

ASBS can assist in setting-up and structuring Swiss companies (including immigration issues) or tax exempt charitable, artistic of cultural foundations and then provide the assistance to maintain them in good standing and ensuring that good corporate practices are applied to manage legal risks. This factor is unfortunately overlooked by the vast majority of smaller companies until problems materialize.

ASBS can assist in choosing an arbitrator or an appropriate forum in case proceedings have to be initiated in Europe. It can further assist the team of lawyers handling the case to ensure they achieve the goals which are really important to their clients at a reasonable cost.

ASBS can also coordinate and supervise the due diligence process in case of takeover of an existing Swiss company. Facilitating and speeding-up the affiliation to one of the Swiss self-regulatory organizations, to which financial intermediaries operating in Switzerland must belong, is another area of activity, including the liaison with FINMA (the Swiss equivalent of MAS), if regulated activities are contemplated.