Resources available to assist clients

The company draws its resources from its business partners in Singapore and in Switzerland, and from Eric Fiechter, its advisor / consultant / mediator, hired in 2012.

Eric Fiechter's deep knowledge and experience of the risks related to the use of corporate structures is what enables the company of offer valuable services to clients.

Eric Fiechter is a member of the Geneva Bar and was Deputy Judge at the Court of Appeals in Geneva until end of 2011. He serves as a party appointed Arbitrator in international arbitration proceedings held in Switzerland, and he was member of the Board of various banks and financial institutions in Switzerland, such as Lehman Brothers Bank (Switzerland) SA, sold before the collapse of the Lehman Brothers Group in 2008, Faisal Private Bank (Switzerland) SA, Finansbank (Suisse) SA, and still is a member of the Board and of the audit Committee of Credit Europe Bank (Switzerland) SA.

The wholly owned subsidiary ASBS SA in Switzerland renders additional services, more focused on business and wealth management, limited lending activity, debt collection and litigation financing, excluding however any regulated financial intermediation.